My essential apps on Boyue Likebook Mars / Icarus Illumina XL6

Note: Google apps will not be reviewed until a software update that supports Google Play Services.

Moon Reader

I read books exclusively on Moon Reader apart from Amazon purchased ebooks. This just works great!

Screen Rotate Control

Since the Mars doesn’t have a gyroscope&accelerator, the screen just doesn’t rotate. So one screen rotation app is needed if you want to use an app horizontally.

No Launcher

Very lightweight launcher.

Stock browser

I’ve tried so many browsers and the stock browser is still the best in terms of stability.


I manage all my documents on Evernote. Note taking on Likebook Mars is just not usable though!


News app. This app is very lightweight so I ditched other news apps.


Keyboard app. I find swipe typing very practical on an e-ink paper device. Because when you type on any e-ink devices, it lags a lot. You still make typos using Swipe keyboard but much less than you do normal typing.

Messenger Lite

I use Facebook Messenger 24/7 and just cannot get rid of this! This Lite version works well, and even you can make calls as well.

Buka manga

For comic reading.


For Reddit. After testing several Reddit apps this one works best to me.

Amazon Kindle

Essential for Amazon purchased ebooks.

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