Boyue Likebook Mars Update (27-09-2018)

Likebook Mars had a new update on September 27th, 2018. Still not Google Play yet.

01. Increased the function of long-pressing third-party applications to enable bleaching
02. Added third-party application process management functions in power management under Setting
03, Increased the browser font default black feature
04. Increased the pre-made font of the reading interface
05. Increased user instructions
06, Solved the problem of Bluetooth pager function failure
07. Solved the problem that some third-party application pull-down status bar is abnormal
08. Solved the problem that some epub books do not display the cover page
09. Solved the problem that the progress of the sleep is abnormal after the sleep wakeup is cleared
10. Solved the problem that the bullet box displays abnormally when the long-pressing book moves
11. When the bookshelf is set to ascending order, it will cause the home page sorting to also become ascending order
12. Solved the problem that the number of pages gets abnormal when the book is loading
13. Solved the problem that the text becomes smaller after the footnotes of some AZW3 books
14. Solved the problem that some pdf books have non-UTF-8 encoded links leading to error exit
15. Solved the problem that the first word selection does not appear in the encyclopedia
16. Solved the problem of displaying abnormalities by long-pressing the details of the book
17. When some PDF books are entered into the directory, the problem of loading is always prompted
18. Solved some of the book encoding anomalies, resulting in an error when opening
19. Solved the problem that some AZW3 book pictures are not displayed
20. Solved the problem that some AZW3 or mobi format books parse the cover and open the error
21. Modified the pre-made default book
22. When optimizing the copying of a large number of books, the probability of non-responsiveness appears
23. Optimized PDF trimming function

Likebook Mars is available at

Detailed summary here:

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