Boyue Likebook Mars Update (10-09-2018)

According to the source, Google Play Services issue will be fixed with another update around September 25-26th.


1. Solved the problem of black screen restart without Wi-Fi;
2. Solved the main interface click to flash back problem;
3. Optimized some scenarios will cause the system to not sleep and consume power abnormalities;
4. Optimized the insertion and removal SD probabilistic OS no response or error;
5. Fixed the possibility of opening a third-party application probabilistic desktop failure;
6. Fixed the file manager to rename the file error report;
7. Fixed the pdf reel mode to slide up and flash back;
8. Fixed the problem of probabilistic loss of reading records;
9. Optimized the problem of slow loading of books on the bookshelf;
10. Increased the long-pressing third-party application icon to set the default A2 brush function;
11. Solved the problem that some third-party applications cannot be displayed in full screen;
12. solved the problem of plugging the charger probabilistically into dormancy;
13. Solved the problem that the first time the system is booted, the probability of the system cannot be covered;
14. Resolved the problem that the download progress is not obvious in the status bar notification;
15. Added traditional fonts and Fixed some third-party icons;
16. Fixed the problem of pressing the home button probabilistic black screen when switching languages;

Reader app

1. Fixed the problem of opening a large file for 2 minutes probabilistic error;
2. Fixed the problem that the reader turns the page probabilistically back to the top page;
3. Solved the typesetting problem with pinyin books;
4. Fixed some books to open slowly;
5. Fixed the file manager can not open the Doc format file;
6. Fixed the problem from the file manager to open the book that is not displayed in the bookshelf;
7. Fixed some words with special characters and no translation results;
8, Fixed the open failed book to open again and always show the open problem;
9. Fixed the default value of the upper and lower spacing and expand the click range of the page button;
10. Fixed the long press blank cannot cancel the current status of the scribing frame;
11. Fixed when other typesetting and scroll mode layout switching, the page number moves backwards;
12. Fixed the PDF book cropping is not the original image problem;
13. Solved the problem that the note position cannot be directly jumped after clicking the note in the note list;
14. Fixed the problem of clicking the probabilistic black screen of the annotation;
15. Fixed the reading interface to call up the top status bar and flip the page at the same time;
16. Fixed the line to select the non-text content, there will be an error message;


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