Boyue Likebook Mars is available on Amazon

Likebook Mars is the latest e-reading device manufactured by Boyue Technology which is based in Shenzhen, China. This e-reader sports 7.8 inch e-ink display and an octa-core processor which made this device the first ever e-ink Android tablet with such a fast processor. I’ve been using this device for a few weeks and have totally fallen in love with it!

You can take a look at my review here:

Boyue Likebook Mars / Icarus Illumina XL6 Unboxing & Hands-on Review

Here’s how the Mars works with popular apps.

[App testing] Boyue Likebook Mars (updating)

Here’s the major pros and cons of the Likebook Mars. Please read before you pull the trigger, because different people have different preferences, I want everyone to make the best decision.

Very fast thanks to Octa-core processor
Reasonably priced (around 250USD)
Very light

As of September 19th, Google related apps (such as Gmail and Chrome) are not working
Handwriting could be better
No speakers
No stock note taking apps
Battery life is not very good
Some people prefer smaller or bigger size

The Mars is currently on sale for $259 on Amazon and here’s the link. Any question regarding the e-reader just give me a comment.

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