Boyue Likebook Mars Google Apps

Finally! I’ve got an update last night and all Google apps including Play Store are working on my Mars now 🙂

Likebook Mars is available at

Detailed summary here:

Boyue Likebook Mars / Icarus Illumina XL6 Unboxing & Hands-on Review

2 thoughts on “Boyue Likebook Mars Google Apps

  1. Larisa

    Great blog and reviews! I am glad I stumbled on it. I used Onyx 7″ “Cleopatra” edition – Android 4.2 for 3 years and really like it. It was bought in Russia, so naturally, it has Russian localization and English on it. I am fluent in both, but not in Chinese.;) I would appreciate if you can answer my questions: I wonder if Mars can support Russian:
    1 – reading epubs, etc in Cyrillic correctly
    2. – an ability to replace Chinese keyboard or add alternative Russian keyboard?
    3. Is it possible to upload additional dictionaries? Though Fora or directly to stock dictionary folder? What format do they use for dictionaries – Stardict?
    From your videos looks like they use similar folder names as Onyx. And similar approach. BTW, Onyx “stock” reader and notetaking – OReader – is almost the same as AlReader – Android app, you can save excerpts from a book and it created a new txt file and puts it all together with time, page and book. Really handy. I am also glad that Mars can run Evernote – Cleoparta doesn’t let me install it.(

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